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The Break Up Box

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So, (s)he is gone. Whether unceremoniously dumped or a mutual parting of the ways, your friend has been left with a hole in their life and needs to know that you care.

  • Boost their fortitude and inspire them with B. Happy Go Lucky Peanut Butter, the snack you eat with a spoon.
  • Let them crush the delicate Lahvosh heart-shaped crackers.
  • Give them the sweetness of life with chocolates, toffee pretzels and dried strawberries.

And when they decide to get back in socializing, Conversation Starter Napkins will help them break the ice.

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Other Details
Weight: 3.64 LBS
Width: 12.12 (in)
Height 9.25 (in)
Depth 5.00 (in)


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