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Things Suck (But You Still Have to Eat)

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$#*! happens, and its hard. The passing of a loved one (animal or human); getting laid off at work; life-altering health issues; or even the end of a fav NetFlix series. Sometimes its hard to focus on the simple necessities in life. Let your friend know you care by making sure they eat. This complete meal kit will make 4-6 servings that are simple to make. It's like taking a casserole over when you're not next door.

  • Rustichella Torchio - Italian pasta designed to perfectly hold the sauce
  • Carfanga's Pasta Sauce - locally made.
  • Parmigiana Reggiano
  • French Batard - crusty, warm bread
  • Stonewall Kitchen Garlic Bread Spread
  • Chocolates by Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

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Weight: 7.40 LBS
Width: 15.12 (in)
Height 10.25 (in)
Depth 6.00 (in)


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