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Something special for the breakfast lover; not just your typical pancakes and bacon. AS wonderful as those are, we've stepped it up with Palmetto Farms Cornmeal Pancake mix, adding a heartiness and slight crunch. And we provide some special toppings for the 'cakes - a swirl of creamy mascarpone cheese melting across the top, with a dollop of Potlicker Kitchen's Carrot Cake Jam. Or, for the traditionalists, we've include a jar of local Strine Family Maple Syrup. And don't forget the Streb's Maple Pepper Bacon! Whoever you send this to, I'm going there for breakfast!

  • Cornmeal Pancake Mix
  • Mascarpone
  • Carrot Cake Jam
  • Strine Maple Syrup
  • 1/2 lb bacon

Substitutions of comparable items may be made based on availability where applicable.

Other Details
Weight: 7.72 LBS
Width: 12.13 (in)
Height 9.25 (in)
Depth 5.00 (in)


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