Deluxe New Parent/New Baby Gift

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They won't be babies forever! So why not a gift that says that, no matter how demanding their new bundle of joy can be, the parents are and will be more than just parents? This dual purpose bag does just that. It looks like a stylish diaper bag with its multple pouches and deep interior pocket, but remove the baby paraphernalia and you have a sophisticated Wine Tote, complete with corkscrew, cheese board and knife. Plus, the bag is stuffed with quick bites for the new parents during those sleepless nights, hazy days, and endless blur of diapers changes and feedings. We've carefully curated a selection of snack foods, making sure to include a lot of protein to keep the tired parents going, as well as local roasted coffee for a quick jolt, and soothing chamomile lemon tea to unwind. While we focused on the moms and dads, we didn't forget the new baby! Each gift include a baby board book from Bean Bag Books, our local independent bookstore. 

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